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Commonwealth Cup: Australian Navy beat their New Zealand rivals in tournament finale

The 2022 edition of the tournament saw a return to action after four years.

The Royal Australian Navy have ended their Commonwealth Cup campaign with victory over rivals the Royal New Zealand Navy in Plymouth.

The 20-10 win means the Aussies finish second in the rugby union tournament after the Royal Navy won the trophy.

The Senior Service picked up a win over New Zealand in their first match before beating Australia on Friday night.

A penalty from Fraser Baird and two tries from Erik Schneider and Thomas Hiramatsu meant the Australians raced into a 13-0 lead.

However, Paula Ulakai's score for New Zealand made sure it remained a contest.

In the final ten minutes, Australia sealed the win thanks to Conor Trudgen before Keanau Howe finished the match with a consolation try for the New Zealand Navy.

Cover image: Alligin Photography.