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Army's Carrie Roberts focusing on service career and Inter Services matches after St Helens departure

Watch: Carrie Roberts focusing on Army career and Inter Services matches after St Helens departure.

Army rugby star Staff Sergeant Carrie Roberts is focusing on her military career after her departure from St Helens.

The England international is now back in the Army rugby set-up on a regular basis in both codes.

Speaking after the Army's loss to the British Police, SSgt Roberts revealed to Forces News that she is targeting a spot at Twickenham Stadium for the Inter Services.

"Oh absolutely, yeah," she said, when asked about her Inter Services ambitions.

"It's been great to be back with the girls. The last couple of days have been brilliant and I've enjoyed it.

"I wanted to come back. I'd learnt a lot from a lot of coaches that were professionals over the past couple of years.

"I thought I'd come back in and hopefully pass it on to the girls in the Army. Give them a bit of experience that I've gained," she added.

SSgt Roberts isn't the only Army player swapping between codes as Bethan Dainton has recently signed for Leeds Rhinos while also playing both rugby league and rugby union for the Army.

"Yeah, we've seen the likes of Beth Dainton and a few other girls from the Army side going over to Leeds Rhinos," said the former St Helens player.

"I think it's brilliant. It's like the same type of rugby and expansive play so it works for both union and league."

The Army women's rugby union team kicked off 2023 with a big win over Sweden but this week's defeat to British Police was a setback.

SSgt Roberts is choosing to look at the positives though as many players got their opportunity to stake a claim for an Inter Services spot.

She said: "Oh, absolutely. I think the goal is the Inter Services with a lot of changes coming in today.

"There was going to be disruption so we're not disheartened. We're just going to kick on.

"We didn't actually come to win today. Well, obviously, we came to win but, you know, we're not disheartened that we didn't," she added.

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