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Amy Cokayne: New Zealand is going to be a huge challenge

RAF and England Rugby star Amy Cokayne hopes that England will "put on a good show" as she previews England's final game against New Zealand in Saturday's World Cup final. 

England secured their place in the final after beating Canada in a tough semi-final match last week. 

Speaking exclusively to Forces News, Flight Lieutenant Amy Cokayne said the semi-final was probably "more stressful" than intended. 

She said: "The aim of the tournament is to be in the final so we've kind of ticked that now. 

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"Obviously the game was a bit more stressful for everyone watching than it probably needed to be, but at the end of the day we are in the final, so we've just got to go out and do the job now."

The win against Canada extended England's winning streak to 30 games, where the Harlequins hooker admitted the World Cup games have been "huge tests".

She said: "All of the games we have had so far have all been huge tests, you look back to that Fiji game which seems like years ago now, but that first half was insane.

"So all of the games have really posed different questions, so it's quite good that we have been asked different questions and we have managed to come up with some answers.

"Obviously New Zealand is going to be a huge challenge, but it should be one that we are up for."

England's final fixture against the hosts is set to see a record-breaking attendance for a women's rugby match after tickets for Eden Park sold out.  

Flt Lt Cokayne, who previously lived in New Zealand, said: "There has been more hype about it, obviously being in New Zealand for the first time as well.

"We were walking around town and people stop us and they are like 'what rugby team are you then?', so everyone in the community has really got behind it and all of them being sold out, that's huge."

Looking ahead to the final clash against New Zealand, Flt Lt Cokayne says the team has "focused a lot on ourselves" in the week leading up to Saturday's final.

She said: "This week we have kind of just focused a lot on ourselves, our kind of strapline has been 'be you, be us', so the reason you are in the room, the player that you are and the reason why you have been selected in this team is to go out there and just express yourself.

"We are a strong group of 32 players, and anyone out there on the pitch can do the job so you just really need to remember that you are a good player and we are a good team, and if we all come together on Saturday then hopefully we'll put on a good show."

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