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Watch: Royal Navy rugby league clash explodes into huge brawl

A mass brawl broke out between the players on the pitch at a Royal Navy rugby league match.

Tempers flared during the Senior Service's win over the Prison Service after a high tackle.

These type of incidents have happened before on a rugby pitch where passions are high – most notably, a giant brawl between the Army and the RAF in the Inter Services.

No players were given their marching orders during this latest incident and the referee quickly got things under control and play resumed.

A Royal Navy spokesman said: “We are aware of a minor altercation at the Royal Navy Rugby League vs Her Majesty’s Prison Service fixture on Sunday which was dealt with by the referee. No cards were issued as a result of the altercation.

“The two sides socialised together after the game and have expressed a wish to play a repeat fixture next season.”

The match was held at the home of Featherstone Rovers and saw the Navy pull off an impressive win.

Tries from Jonny Griffiths, Sean Houghton, Gav Duffy, Danny Dainty and Louis McKenna confirmed a 24-8 victory.

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