The Royal Throwdown Royal Marines vs US Marine Corps

The Royal Throwdown: Royal Marines vs US Marine Corps

An age-old question... which country's Marines are the toughest?

The Royal Throwdown Royal Marines vs US Marine Corps

The Royal Marines have taken home the inaugural Zeebrugge Cup, clinching an historic 7-4 boxing victory over their US counterparts.

The competition's second four bouts took place at the Royal Lancaster London hotel after the first seven were fought last week at the Commando Training Centre in Devon.

The contest has been the first of its kind on UK soil - and what a show it has been.

The second round was slugged out in front of 500 cheering fans, with top brass also in attendance for the 'Rumble Across The Atlantic'.

With the score 4-3 to the Royal Marines, it was all still to fight for.

The first bout saw Marine Chris Murray return to the ring after losing a split decision last week.

His opponent Sergeant George Camden started strong but Mne Murray fought back over the second and third rounds. He said:

"I knew he [Sgt Camden] would come out tough and he had a great first round. He came and hit me with some big shots to the body and that put the wind up me a little bit."

"I had a few stern words in the corner to sharpen me up! I knew as long as I was accurate... eventually, it would pay dividends, which it did."

In the second bout, Boxer of the Night Lance Corporal Kreed Gentz took the United States' only win of the evening in a split decision, beating Mne Aidan Thompson. The American said:

"He came at me like a marine and that's what I expected of him. [He was] hitting hard, he wasn't giving me anything, and that's what we look for in each other to count on each other."

"It was a great fight. Every dog has his day in the boxing game and today was my day."

Kreed's team-mate Corporal Chris Valdes then took on Mne Danny Smith in a brutal third fight which certainly had the appreciation of the audience.

Mne Smith had his work cut out against Valdes but ultimately secured the win, while LCpl Adam Howe took the evening's final bout against Cpl Ji Lim, with the judges unanimous in their decision.

Royal Marines vs US Marines Zeebrugge Cup boxing 2018

Lim, who has a background in martial arts, won his round on Thursday.

The evening raised thousands of pounds for the Royal Marines Charity and also firmed up the relationship between the two boxing sides.

Major General Charlie Stickland, Commandant General Royal Marines, says the two teams have always had a special relationship:

"We have an amazingly strong bond through history... [Tonight has seen] young men... with passion peddling their trade and fighting for their cause."

"It's been quite extraordinary."

Kevin Kylis, the US Marine Corps' boxing coach, said:

"It's been a phenomenal experience. The Marine Corps hasn't had a boxing team since 2012 and the opportunity to train and compete against our brothers in the Royal Marines has been a blessing." 

The first Zeebrugge Cup safe in the hands of the Commandos who took the contest 7-4.

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