Navy's Olympic gold medalist Pete Reed paralysed below the chest


Former Olympic Champion Lieutenant Commander Pete Reed has revealed that he is paralysed from below the chest after suffering from a spinal stroke.

The Royal Navy rower broke the news on his personal social media accounts, saying:

"Doctors can’t be certain what caused my stroke. It was in the middle of my spine so I’m currently paralysed beneath my chest."

Reed, 38, who won gold medals at three consecutive Olympic Games, said: "There is a very small chance I will make no recovery and a very small chance I will make a full recovery.

"Much more likely it will be somewhere in between. To what extent depends on the extent of the damage (which we can’t see) and how well I rehab."

During his career, Reed won five world championship gold medals and three silver medals, before announcing his retirement from competitive rowing in 2018.

He added: "All the other news is great.

"My arms are still strong and my brain is still as average as it ever was."

He was thankful for the support he has received since being diagnosed: "A big thank you to Royal Navy Welfare and to The NHS who have been incredible. I don’t need any pity.

"Comments are encouraged but I won’t be getting back to you because my priority is healing.”