Royal Navy mountain bikers have won their first Inter-Services Downhill Championship at Hopton Woods in Shropshire.

Downhill mountain biking is one of the fastest growing sports in the military - 110 men and women from across the services took part in this year's championships. 

The four-kilometre track takes top-riders only two-and-a-half minutes to complete. 

Men's individual champion was the RAF's Tom Hunt, however, it was the Royal Navy who picked at the title, winning by just three seconds.

Speaking to Forces News after their victory, the Royal Navy's team manager, Petty Officer Toby Hann, said it has been 'absolutely amazing':

"The Navy doesn't get to win things very often, especially the Inter-Services and to win the Downhill for the first time ever is absolutely amazing."

Mountain Bike Inter Services
The four kilometre downhill race takes less than three minutes.

Women's Downhill champion, Army Lance Corporal Jennifer Rennie, described the race as a 'great buzz' and called on more women to get involved with the sport. 

Also taking place at Hopton Woods was the cross country event which was dominated by the Army women and RAF men. 

Women's Cross Country champion, Army Major Angel Laycock, said: "Today was emotional going up the hill but the downhill bit on this course was really enjoyable and hats off to these guys (downhill riders) who just go downhill, holding on for dear life!"