Royal Artillery Wins T20 Inter-Corps Title For First Time In Eight Years

The Royal Artillery battled difficult weather to edge out the Adjutant General's Corps in the final.

The Royal Artillery has ended an eight-year wait to lift the T20 Inter-Corps trophy after a win in the final in Aldershot.

Their rivals, the Adjutant General's Corps (AGC), chose to bat first and set a challenging target of 137-7 from their 20 overs.

However, the Royal Artillery overcame difficult weather to win the match thanks to a stellar batting display.

The AGC team had opened the match at the crease and was quick to rack up the runs, with Varun Bali impressing.

But his batting partner was the first to fall to Nick Schofield's bowling, leaving the team 25-1.

That gave the Royal Artillery bowler some confidence and Bali was the next out, thanks to Alex Park's catch.

The fielders proved to be important for the Royal Artillery. 

Craig Ross' impressive catch gave them a third dismissal with Liam Farrell out and Mishak Belfon celebrating his only wicket of the match.

The Army T20 Inter-Corps title was the first trophy on the line for the new season. (Picture: British Army Sport Control Board)

The AGC was stuttering and it was soon 65-4.

Walid Ahmed went for a run that was too ambitious, allowing Graham Wiseman to complete the run-out.

Steve Booth's LBW success meant the AGC was getting desperate for runs - just as Sumith Surendran came to the crease.

He hit some big shots, including an impressive six, and with the help of Regan McClean, the AGC saw out the rest of the overs with no more wickets and 137 runs on the board.

The Royal Artillery made a shocking start with the bat.

Surendran continued his impact on the match by grabbing the wicket of Harrison Clark with just one run on the board.

One over later, the afternoon was over for Royal Artillery captain Park.

Solomon's bowling made it 2-2 and when Wiseman was bowled out a few balls later, the Royal Artillery was in danger of falling apart.

However, the arrivals of Ross and Oliver Cross at the crease saw the Royal Artillery take control of the contest.

The Inter Corps title was the first piece of silverware on the line in this year's cricket season. (Picture: British Army Sport Control Board)

The pair forged a formidable partnership and began to chip away at the target.

They gave the AGC few opportunities and when they did, the fielding side failed to capitalise.

Cross crafted his way to a superb 78 runs with Ross chipping in with an unfaltering score of 47.

Their tremendous double-act took the Royal Artillery to the final over, when Cross cut the ball across for four runs to win the cup.

The Royal Artillery last won this title in 2013 but after a break on Army Sports due to the coronavirus pandemic, they are back with an impressive title victory.