Meribel 2019

Meet The RAF Photographer Looking For An Award-Winning Picture In French Alps

Senior Aircraftman Nick Egan is a photographer at the Inter Services Snow Sports Championships in Meribel.

The Inter Services Snow Sports Championships in Meribel is not just a big opportunity for the athletes that are involved.

Another man who is taking advantage of the event is RAF photographer Senior Aircraftman Nick Egan.

He is following all the races in the French Alps and is looking to capture a memorable image from the championships.

An exceptional photo from a location such as Meribel could be the difference for a photographer when it comes to the end of year awards.

In 2018, SAC Egan took the runners up prize at the RAF Photographic Awards with a picture from last year’s championship.

The above image won Egan a second place at the awards after taking it at last year's Inter Services. (Picture: SAC Nick Egan ACSSU RAF Halton)

He is looking to go one better this time around and picked out the qualities he is searching out for a good photo.

"I’m really looking for some punchy images of the boardercross riders. Snowboarders generally like to wear bright colours," SAC Egan said.

"They will wear bright goggles. That should help out with the imagery."

For SAC Egan, it is important not to miss out on the winning shot, meaning he gets through a lot of work during a week.

He said: "We don’t tend to take pictures of people falling but obviously, we have to photograph everyone in the competition so we get the winners and the losers.

"The great thing about this competition is that there is rivalry between the disciplines on the snow sports.

"There’s rivalries between the individuals within their own services.

“When everyone gets back down the hill, there is a really nice community feel about it.

"Everyone gets along and it encapsulates exactly what the Inter Services are all about."