RAF Crowns Its First Formula One E-Sports Champion

A dramatic crash in Round 17 saw the title won by JackLemmonMD at the Russian GP.

The RAF eSports Formula One title has been won for the very first time.

JackLemmonMD is the inaugural champion after a second-place finish in the Russian GP.

A dramatic crash from title rival Connor_LS gave JackLemmonMD the opportunity to win the championship.

JackLemmonMD had to outscore Connor_LS to win the title and started the race in eighth place, with Nussey E7 in pole and Connor third.

Most drivers chose to start on soft tyres, but JackLemmonMD surprised a few with his medium tyre choice.

The first talking point of the race came when Sassy crashed out. He had no competition around him but seemed to lose control and put his car into the wall.

Sassy's early crash out was a sign of things to come later in the race (Pictures: RAF eSports).

That led to the safety car coming out and after the first round of pit-stops, JackLemmonMD's decision to start on the medium tyres meant he stayed out and took the lead.

It was a smart decision but a mistake of his own led him to tumble down the grid.

An accidental pit meant he was forced to come into the pit lane a further third time – as rules state all drivers must use at least two different compound tyres in the race.

He came out of the pit lane in last place and the title seemed unreachable, but a dramatic crash changed the whole situation.

Connor_LS was forced to retire from the race after he lost control of his car and smashed it into the wall.

That gave JackLemmonMD a golden ticket to the title as he blitzed through the crowd into second position to win the first-ever RAF eSports Formula One title.

Nussey E7 took the win during the race to help his push for second place in the standings.

Cover image: RAF eSports.