Pressure Mounts On Second Day Of 2018 Invictus Games Trials

Athletes have been putting in their best efforts to try and make it onto the UK team - as well as meeting royalty...

Athletes competing in track and field, sitting volleyball and rugby have been under pressure at day two of the Invictus Games trials.

They've been putting in their best efforts to try and make it onto the UK team, while many of them also had the opportunity to meet Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The Prince and his fiancee visited the University of Bath Sports Training Village on the second of four trial days.

Out on the track, runners pushed themselves to go harder and faster, while on the field athletes mustered all the strength they had to hurl shot puts and discuses as far as they could.

	Invictus Games 2018 running hopefuls

Inside there was also wheelchair volleyball and rugby.

Athletes will face two more days of trials with archery, swimming and powerlifting on Saturday and wheelchair basketball and indoor rowing on Sunday.

This year the Games, which are now in their fourth year, are heading Down Under and will be held in Sydney from October 20 - 27.

But athletes trying to secure a place are facing tougher competition than ever before.

Invictus Games 2018 volleyball hopefuls

A record number of athletes are competing for places.

A total of 451 athletes have applied to be part of the team - almost 75% of whom have never competed in the Invictus Games before.

Derek Derenalagi, who has been involved with the Invictus Games since 2014 when it started, said:

"I think that is the cream of it. People want to be part of the UK Invictus team but they just choose a certain number to represent the UK team. That makes it more competitive.

"People are gutted when they're not selected but that's part of the game."

Invictus Games 2018 hopeful Derek Derenalagi

With only 72 places on the team, it means athletes have a one in seven chance of success.

More than three times as many men have applied for places compared to women - 351 to 100.

The vast majority - 359 - are veterans and are representing the Army - 68%, far more than the RAF's 18%, the Royal Navy's 11% and the Royal Marines' 3%.

Athletes will have to wait until May to find out if they made it onto Team UK.

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