Paralysed Ex-Army Combat Medic Kayaks Three Lakes For Charity

Nerys Pearce, who is paralysed from the chest down, has kayaked the three biggest lakes in Wales, Scotland and England for charity Blesma.

Former British Army combat medic Nerys Pearce has embarked on a kayaking challenge to raise money for charity.

Ms Pearce is paralysed from the chest down and is raising funds for Blesma, a charity that helps serving and ex-service personnel who have lost limbs or the use of their limbs. 

The endurance event is the third leg of a challenge which has included wheeling her chair and hand cycling across London and Ascot over more than 200 miles in total. 

Her second challenge was an attempt to swim the English Channel, but that was cut short due to hypothermia in September.

Now, just a few weeks later, Ms Pearce is back out on the water – but this time in a kayak.

The plan was to kayak around the perimeter of some of Britain's largest lakes including Loch Lomond in Scotland, Lake Windermere in England and Lake Bala in Wales.

However, the trip to Scotland resulted in some unforeseen issues.

Ms Pearce explained: "We are about 25 kilometres in and we've had a bit of change of plan for today.

"The current has been quite strong and we've had some mechanical things going on.

"Kayaking when you are paralysed is really, really difficult."

Nerys Pearce says she will be re-attempting the English Channel swim next year.

"We were having some issues with the rudder and Paz, my kayaking partner, had her own problems that she hadn't really foreseen," she added.

"She suffers a little bit from dyspraxia so she struggled with her left and her right.

"The fun part of that is that she is in charge of the steering! We decided to regroup."

With only half of Loch Lomond completed, the challenge continued to Lake Windermere where it was a smoother ride for Ms Pearce and her kayaking partner.

From there, they moved to the final part of their challenge - Lake Bala in Wales.

The kayaking pair now plan to make up the ‘missing miles’ from the Loch Lomond attempt by kayaking 60k on the River Thames starting at Richmond, Surrey, early on Friday 23 October.