Tokyo Paralympics: 'Over The Moon' Powerlifter Micky Yule Wins Bronze Medal

The Army veteran beat his sixth place performance in Rio and fourth place at two Commonwealth Games.

British military veteran Micky Yule has told Forces News he is "over the moon" after winning bronze in powerlifting at the Tokyo Paralympics.

The former Royal Engineer, who lost both his legs in a blast in Afghanistan in 2010, claimed the medal in the men's 72kg category. 

It beats his sixth-place performance in Rio and fourth place at two Commonwealth Games – Glasgow and The Gold Coast. 

He said: "Hard, hard work, just staying the course and not giving in and it all came true today.

"I couldn't be happier because, do you know what, I worked hard for it."

He added: "You know what, sometimes you can fail but I said 'you might fail tomorrow but don't you fail today. Today is the line in the sand. This finishing fourth is over. Let's get it done today. It's time to medal, so go and do what you're supposed to do'."

Meanwhile, Afghanistan veteran Jaco Van Gass won his third medal.

The former paratrooper was part of the British trio that overturned a final-lap deficit to top the podium in the mixed C1-5 event in a global-best time – ahead of world champions China.

The GB Wheelchair Rugby team, with the RAF's Stu Robinson, who suffered life-changing injuries in Afghanistan, won through to the final tomorrow and are guaranteed at least a silver medal.

There was disappointment, though, for the RAF's Luke Pollard, guiding visually impaired triathlete Dave Ellis.  

They suffered a broken chair on their tandem bike and were forced to withdraw from their competition.