Cyclists from the 72-strong UK team competing at this year's Invictus Games in Sydney have been training at the Harvey Haddon Sports Village in Nottingham.

The 13 athletes are being put through their paces ahead of the biggest sporting event of their career so far.

It's crucial they learning key techniques in training to get them mentally and physically prepared for the competition and give them a chance to win a medal.

Invictus Games 2018 Team UK cyclist training

To get to this point was a challenge in itself, with a rigorous selection process having tested each individual on performance and how the Games could benefit their recovery.

For some, it's also been a personal journey to get here. One cyclist who'll be on the plane is Sarah Robinson, who told Forces Network:

"I did get to the stage where I actually couldn't leave my house and then it got to the stage where I struggled to get out of bed.

"For me to be here talking to other people and riding a bike... it's actually massive. I still get a little bit choked up about it because I think if I hadn't have had that... I know I wouldn't be stood here. I'd probably be at home cuddling my dog."

Team UK vice-captain Spencer Bull said: "I'd reached a point where I was fed up being on the sidelines, watching the children play sport.

"I thought: 'I want to do something myself'. As a father I wanted to be able to inspire my children, be a role model for them and show them that, actually, whatever the challenge life throws at you, [you can] get on with it."

The athletes on the team have already begun inspiring those around them, with their coach Keith Reed among those to be touched by meeting them. He said: "Nobody's an individual at all. Everybody's working together, pulling each other along.

"It's just really humbling to be working with them. When I first started the job... I'm not normally the most emotional bloke in the world but I was literally crying walking back to the van.

"It just means so much to me to be involved in this."

Intense training will continue over the coming months as the games in October draw ever closer.

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