JJ Chalmers thanks Birmingham for 'special' Commonwealth Games

Former Royal Marine JJ Chalmers has posted a thank you message on Twitter following the  Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

The TV presenter, who joked the video was "a change of pace from the buzz of Birmingham", thanked "everyone for watching" and "everyone that sent messages or stopped [him] on the street".

"Especially those that said 'Oh, I loved tonight at the Games,'' he said.

"That is such a wonderful comment because I feel like it acknowledges everything and everyone that came together to make a programme that was just a joy to work on.

"Honestly, we hope we managed to condense the magic of Birmingham down into an hour for you each night.

"It was such a pleasure to work on it, honestly. I'm going to miss it a lot.

Watch: Micky Yule wins Commonwealth Games bronze medal.

"Birmingham, you absolutely smashed it – thank you."

Earlier in the games, Mr Chalmers came close to tears while praising the achievements of Micky Yule, who won Bronze in the heavyweight bench press competition at the Commonwealth Games. 

The TV presenter said whenever people mentioned Birmingham, he thought of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital – which provides specialist care for wounded members of the military.

"It was amazing and I’m grateful to it," he said.

"But now when people say Birmingham, I think of these Games and this city gave me a life – that's the thing.

"And now I have something to live for."

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