New-Look RAF Rugby Side Loses To Police In Pre-Inter Services Setback

The Royal Air Force's rugby union stars have suffered a setback as they look to build a strong team for this year's Inter-Services Championship.

Their second game of the season saw a 17-7 defeat at the hands of the British Police, at East London RFC's Memorial Recreation Ground.

After a constant downpour, conditions didn't make it easy for either side - but it was the police who took the early advantage.

The opening try came after a well-timed kick put the ball under the posts, with the score duly converted for a seven-point advantage.

RAF Lose To The Police As They Prepare For The Rugby Union Inter-Services

The police added a penalty to go 10 points clear, as the RAF became bogged down in their own mistakes.

With a number of first-team players missing due to work commitments, the RAF's new-look line-up let a little bit of inexperience creep in, with the line-outs in particular not going their way.

A successful line-out from the police, meanwhile, led to their second score, with the forwards powering over the line.

The conversion meant they were ahead 17-0 at halftime.

The RAF, though, won the second half. Some individual skill from Matt Clarke saw him evade the police defence to cross the line, with Luke Riddell slotting home the conversion.

They continued to hold off the opposition, twice preventing tries on the line to deny the police any score in the second half.

So it ended as a 17-7 loss for the RAF but there was plenty to build on as the players have three more matches in the coming weeks.

They'll take on Cambridge University, London Scottish and Richmond - before they face the Army and the Royal Navy.

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