Navy And RAF Prepare For Inter Services Cricket Championships

The two teams will meet in the first game of the tournament.

The Navy Women and RAF Women were putting in some last-minute preparations ahead of this week’s Inter Services Championships.

Both teams are looking to take the trophy away from the Army, who won last year’s competition.

In the first game of the tournament, the Air Force will play the Senior Service in Portsmouth.

However, the Navy team's manager, Lieutenant Natalie Burns, does not believe that playing at their home ground will give them an advantage. 

She said: “All teams come with the best players that they have got, so I think it is a fairly level playing field for all of us.

“This year, we have had a lot more continuity. We toured earlier in the year to Barbados which really worked with the team bonding.

“I think that, going into this season, we feel much more gelled as a team with a lot more consistency.”

Able Seamen Abigail Bennett has picked out the match with the Army as a highlight of the week.

Able Seamen Abigail Bennett is a bowler for the Navy and she is looking forward to locking horns with the Army later in the week.

She said: “The rivalry is huge. It is something that I’ve never personally experienced anywhere else other than playing Army-Navy cricket.

“Obviously, it is not as big as the rugby but in Army-Navy anywhere, you have to have dominance.”

Meanwhile, this year marks the end of a journey that started way back in 2014 for the RAF, according to their captain Sergeant Ellie Day.

She said: “Definitely what we want to do is be on par with the Army and the Navy. 2012 was the last time that we won the Inter Services.

“Since then, we have come up with a five-year development plan. This year is our last year.

“It’s called the pressing stage and we are hoping that with all the development we have done so far, we are going to show the Army and Navy what pressing that we have come out with.”