Scottish 'car killer' rally lives up to its name as three Forces cars fail to finish

Just one out of four cars finished the race for the Armed Forces Rally team in Scotland.

The Armed Forces Rally team received a setback at the Scottish Rally as three of the four cars involved failed to finish the race.

The team of Keith Harvey and Ben Shackleton were the only military duo to bring their car to the finish line in testing conditions.

The Scottish Rally is where the Armed Forces Rally team first competed in 1963 and has been nicknamed the "car killer" by some.

There were more than 130 entries in this year's Scottish Rally with four military teams competing in their Land Rovers.

The course tracked across five special stages which totalled 45 miles, as well as 139 miles of road sections.

The race was held at Steve Partridge Service Park – a course recently named in memory of the former Armed Forces Rally team manager who died earlier this year.

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Two Forces teams retired from the race early on.

Danny Hedges and Michael Hurley were handed fuel pump issues while, moments later, Matt Duncan and John-Paul Boom's race was over with a failed gearbox.

Current Inter Services champions Barry Connolly and Phil Cooke were hoping to progress but their rally came to an abrupt end on the 2nd Special Stage when they rolled off the track.

That left Harvey and Shackleton, the newest members of the team, to sensibly drive their car to the end and finish as the best Forces team at the event.

The winner of the race was the World Rally Championship Mini Cooper driven by David Bogie.

The team's next event is the Trackrod Yorkshire Rally on 24 September.