RAF Motorsports Association entice new competitors with open day at RAF Wittering

Visitors were given a chance to try out the enduro, karting and eRacing disciplines at the exhibition.

The RAF Motorsports Association has held an open day at RAF Wittering in the hope of introducing new competitors to the action.

Visitors were allowed to drive around a track on an enduro bike as well as take part in the karting exhibition on offer.

An introduction to eRacing was also available as the RAF Motorsports Association looked to bring new Air Force talent to the disciplines.

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Group Captain Brian Watson, the chairman of the association, said: "What I wanted to do was get everybody out to meet each other that they hadn't been able to do for a couple of years, and get youngsters in as well to see the variety of motorsports we undertake within the RAF.

"We were looking at how we can maximise people being involved so eMotorsports took off.

"We started to evolve that element of the association."

The enduro track was one of the most popular exhibitions of the day with Sergeant Brien Middlebrook, a member of the RAF Enduro team, showing newbies the ropes.

"Massive interest today we've had," he said. "We've brought down a team from RAF Cosford that have their own club on site.

"They've provided bikes and all the equipment for people to have a go on our little course.

"People who have never thrown a leg over a bike before are welcome to come along and have a go and have their first experience, to see if it is something they'd like to get involved in."

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Sgt Middlebrook continued: "Obviously, the biggest thing for the RAF team particularly, we want to get everybody involved.

"We're not elitist – we just want to get the maximum participation.

"The feedback we've been getting is really positive, really enjoying seeing people just enjoy themselves."