Double National Victory For Army Rallycross Racer

Paige Bellerby won two rounds of the UK Supernational Rallycross Championship.

A British Army racer has won two rounds at the UK Supernational Rallycross Championship.

Paige Bellerby, who is a vehicle mechanic and has been in the military for almost three years, won rounds 3 and 4 at the Pembrey track in South Wales.

The race was part of the Motorsport UK British Rallycross Championship 5 Nations Trophy.

Bellerby raced in a Lotus Exige and dominated the track in her two races.

The 25-year-old, who is part of the Army Motorsport Karting Team, will now be looking ahead to the next round of the championships in Scotland on 25 September.

Cover image: Paige Bellerby celebrates with her two trophies (Picture: British Army Sport Control Board).