Meribel 2019

Further Alpine Skiing Success For Sapper Euan Kick

On day two at the Inter Service Snow Sports Championships, the men and women tackled the Alpine Downhill event.

One of Meribel 2018's success stories has emerged as a winner victor again in the Alpine Downhill at Meribel.

Sapper Euan Kick is currently considered one of the top five British Alpine skiers and he proved his worth with a stellar run.

The victory meant another second-place finish for the Navy’s James French after his loss in the Telemark Giant Slalom on day one.

Kick won by 0.05 of a second and spoke about the progression riders get every year.

“There’s always like a progression,” Kick said. “You get kind of one second or two seconds quicker each year.

“Obviously, it comes hard with the Army stuff to kind of juggle my trade courses, which are seven months long.

“Coming back on the snow was a little weird because seven months is probably the longest I have been off the snow in 15 years."

In the women’s race, Lieutenant Sophie Nicholls took the plaudits and completed another Army double with the victory.

She spoke about the importance of mindset when you are out on the course.

She said: "It’s quite nerve-wracking knowing that you are the next victim possibly and that the next minute and a half depends on your next twelve months of your life.

“You just really have to focus. I’ve been there. I know what it is like and I stay in my bubble.

“I concentrate on engaging and everything that I have been taught in skiing to get down safest rather than skiing afraid.”