Forces charity Mission Motorsport celebrates 10 years

Since Mission Motorsport was founded in 2012, many of those initially helped by the military charity have ended up working for it – giving back to the cause.

Linda Noble, who was medically discharged from the British Army, says the charity "saved me".

She now works for Mission Motorsport, with its aim to help sick and injured personnel and veterans gain employment in the motorsport industry.

In 2022, the charity's mission statement hasn't changed and it's celebrating its first decade of helping military personnel.

"The charity has saved me, in a way," Linda Noble says.

"It's got me out of the house and given me a focus again, so now it's my turn to give back."

The charity's role has evolved over the past decade with an offshoot, Mission Automotive, which focuses on training.

With the charity's help, more than 2,000 people have found jobs in the British motor industry, including almost 1,100 with Jaguar Land Rover.

Watch: Jon Knighton goes behind the scenes with Mission Motorsport.

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