Meribel 2019

Military Snowboarders Excite Crowds At Meribel

Two big snowboarding races resulted in a lot of jumps, slips and spills from the riders on course.

Snowboarding events have dominated day two of the Inter Services Snow Sports Championships at Meribel.

The day started with the Snowboard Cross, which was an event postponed on day one due to heavier-than-expected snowfall.

It ended with an Army double at the top of the rankings.

In the men’s race, it was success for Sergeant Kris Looker while in the women’s, Sergeant Lisa Quinn took the gold medal.

For Sgt Looker, his victory was partly due to the condition of the course.

He said: "This course definitely suited me. It was more suitable for goofy riders and that’s how I ride so it was my advantage.

"It’s fast and there were a few harder obstacles going down so it was good.”

Meanwhile, Sgt Quinn dedicated her victory to her teammates.

She said: "We’ve got some excellent coaches and previous riders as well will always pass on the knowledge. We’ve got Sarah Craig for example. She’s one of my inspirations from before.

"We just keep passing on all the information and all the knowledge. We’ve got a really supportive team. It’s not just about the coaches but every single rider helps each other and gives each other tips.

"We are just always watching out for each other."

The evening race was another snowboard event, but this time, Sgt Looker could not grab the victory in the men’s event (Picture: Crown Copyright).

The Parallel Giant Slalom was won by the Navy’s LAET Ross Taylor, who used his distinctive style under the floodlights to take the gold medal.

The win was even sweeter for LAET Taylor thanks to beating the day’s earlier victor.

He said: "It was good to get one back on Chris. He’s a great racer and it’s good to go up against a great snowboard friend.

“It was a tight race throughout the night so I’m really happy to come away with the win.”

Taylor also defeated number one seed Paddy Morris, but it was a slip from Morris that provided the vital space.

“All the boys and the girls are such a high level now that the margins are so small," said Ross Taylor.

"I just try and block that out and do what I need to do to come away the result. I was lucky enough to do that today.”

Meanwhile, it was a close finish in the women’s event as RAF team captain Wing Commander Claire Collis won the race by just 0.01 of a second.

Her closest competitor was from the Australian Defence Force but despite Megan McDermott’s late flurry, it was the RAF racer who took the first place.

The snowboarders will have their final event on Thursday with the wild conditions of the slopestyle.