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Military Boxers To Compete In National Finals

IS Boxing 02042019 Credit SBS Photography.jpg

Three top military boxers will compete at the National Amateur Championships Finals on the 13th April. (Picture: SBS Photography)

Fighters from both the Navy and the Army are set to be in action after being victorious in the semi-finals in Nottingham.

There were also two Forces boxers who were eliminated at the semi-finals stage.

The Navy’s best hopes of a winner comes in the form of George Crotty. The boxer won the championships in 2017 and faced off with another military athlete in the semi-finals.

Army star Carnell Browne was his opponent and the split decision victory meant Crotty will fight in the finals in the hope of reclaiming his championship.

He said: “I won this title in 2017 and lost it last year after a bad performance, so I want to win it back and show why I am the number one seed.

“There’s always a bit of rivalry between the Armed Forces teams.

“Yesterday I boxed someone they called ‘The Terminator’, who just keeps coming forward, and I knew that would give me a good workout.

“I knew if I got through that I would be OK against Carnell, who probably suited my style more.”

The Army did get success with their other two fighters at the semi-final stage.

Tori Ellis-Willetts was up against Nicola Hopeful from the Worksop X-box club and won by a unanimous decision.

Her Army team-mate Natty Ngenwa also won his fight by a unanimous decision against Ben Vickers from Miguel’s boxing club.

For Navy fighter Sophie Colbourn, it was a disappointment as she fell to defeat against Hannah Shield from Birtley.

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