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Military Bobsleigh Sliders Looking For World Championships Success

Four British military personnel are taking part in the last weekend of the IBSF World Championships in Germany, three in the same sled.

Four military sliders are be competing at the final weekend of the World Championships for Team GB.

Lance Corporal Nick Gleeson, Private Luke Dawes and Marine Taylor Lawrence make up three-quarters of the GB 1 four-man team.

They will be racing in Altenberg in Germany this weekend.

Paratrooper LCpl Gleeson said: "Obviously, we’d absolutely love a gold medal. Who wouldn’t?

"The standard for a top-three result at the bottom of the track is undoubtedly the best result we could get.

"Then going down from that, you could go into the top six which again would be a personal best for a GB 1 crew.

"We’ve got the manpower, we’ve got the kit, we’ve got the driver. We just need a bit of good luck on the day," he added.

The view from inside a bobsleigh going around the track (Picture: IBSF).

Meanwhile, Pte Dawes, also from the Army, has had trouble even meeting up with the team due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Two days before heading out to Germany he got a positive result on a COVID test.

"It was a false positive but, obviously, I had to stay in my house for 10 days," he said.

"Once the 10 days were up, I booked a flight out [to meet] the team in Germany."

Four cancelled flights later, he "finally managed to get out with the boys to compete in Austria".

While the bobsleigh season, like many sports, has had to deal with cancellations due to the current situation, Mne Laurence said he is happy they can compete in any form of the sport.

"At the end of the day, we are all part of the same team as well. Wherever I can pitch in to help, whether it’s moving sleds on race day or helping the guys in training or whatever.

"The season hasn’t been great for... bobsleigh as a sort of community but at least we’ve managed to have a season. That’s, sort of, the main thing."

Grenadier Guardsman Lamin Deen will drive the other GB sled at the World Championships before all of the athletes turn their attention to the Winter Olympics next year.