Alpine Super Combined Slalom 070220 CREDIT CROWN COPYRIGHT.

Winners Of Inter Services Snow Sports Championships 2020 Revealed

The Royal Navy women's snowboard team made history in the tournament.

Alpine Super Combined Slalom 070220 CREDIT CROWN COPYRIGHT.

The winners of the Inter Services Snow Sports Championships have been revealed.

Around 150 athletes from across the UK Armed Forces took part in the annual tournament that was held in Meribel, France. 

Among the notable results of this year's tournament was the Royal Navy women winning the overall snowboard title for the first time. 

Team Results


Overall Winners: Royal Navy

Telemark Giant Slalom: Royal Navy 

Telemark Classic: Royal Navy

Telemark Sprint: Royal Navy

Telemark Parallel Sprint: British Army


Women's Overall Winners: Royal Navy

Men's Overall Winners: British Army 

Women's Snowboard Cross: British Army

Men's Snowboard Cross: British Army

Women's Snowboard Parallel Giant Slalom: Royal Navy

Men's Snowboard Parallel Giant Slalom: British Army

Women's Snowboard Slopestyle: Royal Navy

Men's Snowboard Slopestyle: Royal Navy 

Army rider during the BFBS Boardercross final 070220 CREDIT CROWN COPYRIGHT.jpeg
The Boardercross finals were held on Friday (Picture: Crown Copyright).


Women's Overall Winners: Royal Air Force

Men's Overall Winners: British Army

Women's Alpine Downhill: British Army

Men's Alpine Downhill: British Army 

Women's Alpine Super G: Royal Air Force

Men's Alpine Super G: British Army

Women's Alpine Slalom: Royal Air Force

Men's Alpine Slalom: British Army

Women's Alpine Giant Slalom: Royal Air Force

Men's Alpine Giant Slalom: British Army 

Indvidual Prizes



  1. Lieutenant James French - Royal Navy
  2. Lieutenant Robbie Houstoun - British Army
  3. Lieutenant Ben Atkinson - British Army 


Lt James French celebrates winning the Telemark Giant Slalom Final 020320 CREDIT CROWN COPYRIGHT.
It was another successful year for the Royal Navy's Lieutenant James French (Picture: Crown Copyright).



  1. Lieutenant Lucy Ingram - Royal Navy
  2. Leading Survival Equipment Technician Aaby Aldridge - Royal Navy 
  3. Major Kelly Richards - British Army


  1. Flight Lieutenant Paddy Morris - Royal Air Force
  2. Staff Sergeant Dale Gallagher - British Army 
  3. Corporal Chris Gregory - British Army



  1. Corporal Rachel Hughes - Royal Air Force
  2. Corporal Louise Dodd - British Army
  3. Flight Lieutenant Claire Nixon - Royal Air Force


  1. Sapper Duncan Kuwall - British Army
  2. Lance Corporal Hayden Grand - British Army 
  3. Lieutenant James French - Royal Navy 

Cover Image: An RAF skier takes on the Alpine Super Combined Slalom (Picture: Crown Copyright).