WATCH: Day Four Sees A Return To Form For Navy Athlete

James French has fallen twice on course in earlier races, but stayed on his feet to win the Telemark Sprint.

The Navy’s James French has recovered from falls in his two previous races to win the Telemark Sprint event.

In both the Giant Slalom and the Classic, French failed to complete the course without an incident, meaning the Army’s Rob Houstoun could win on both occasions.

However, French made a triumphant return to form to take the gold medal and reclaim his spot back at the top of the Telemark discipline.

He said: “Yesterday wasn’t a great day. It was a bit of a relief to get down on my feet.”

French will still have one more battle this week as he takes on the Parallel Sprint on the final day of the Championships.

Meanwhile, in the Snowboard Slopestyle, it was another Navy victory as Ross Taylor stylishly took the gold medal.

The athletes wowed the crowd with a number of impressive jumps, but it was the Navy man who came out on top with Ian Sanderson and Matty Hannah making up the rest of the podium.

Hannah was happy to be amongst such great competition.

He said: “Normally I feel the pressure, but having these guys around, they make you so much more chilled out."