WATCH: Day Five Sees Army Add To Gold Tally

Mens' team triumph in Telemark Parallel Sprint and Giant Slalom

The Army's Rob Houstoun took an early lead over the Royal Navy’s Luke Stroud in the final clash of the Telemark Parallel sprint. 

Houstoun, the number one seed, went on to win the event.

Meanwhile, Stroud was surprised and happy to take the silver after being asked to join the Telemark team only two years ago. 

"12 years ago I come off the Alpine team. I haven't really skied competitive, more fun." 

It was a clean sweep for the Army in the Mens' Giant Slalom after Rob Poth, who is ranked fourth in Britain added another Gold medal to his haul .

In the the women's event, Captain Lizzie Lambert scooped her third gold for the Australian team after beating the Army’s Sophie Nicholls to the finish line. 

Captain Lambert was proud to take the top spot on the podium.

"It was sort of nice to at least feel like the Australians can come here and hold their own."

View of the slopes at Meribel

The women snowboarders took advantage of improved conditions to put on a show for the crowds.

The RAF’s Claire Collis took the top spot, followed by the Royal Navy’s Aaby Aldridge, and Lisa Quinn from the Army coming in third.

Senior Engineering Technician Aaby Aldridge said she was really happy with her performance and looking to improve against the competition.

"We're all feeding off each other - it's not like there's a clear winner."