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Snowboard Slopestyle ends Meribel 2023 in spectacular fashion

Meribel Snowboard Air 2 Credit BFBS DATE 17032023.jpg

The 2023 Inter Services snowsports championships have come to a close on the final day of action at Meribel.

Our team was at the Snowboard Slopestyle event where boarders were tasked with showing off the best tricks and flips.

Meanwhile, the Alpine racers finished off their week with an Alpine Super Combined event.

The men's Snowboard Slopestyle saw the Navy dominate the podium.

Able Seaman Simon Andrews took the gold medal on his 33rd birthday while Lieutenant Ryan Clamp finished in third to win a bronze medal. The Army's Private Ned Hussey won the silver medal.

The women's competition saw the Army's Staff Sergeant Lisa Gibson triumph.

Navy snowboarder Petty Officer Aaby Aldridge was in second with the RAF's Corporal Jasmine Furber in third.

The Alpine event saw yet another win for the RAF's Flying Officer Kirsty Guest.

That means her debut at Meribel has seen her win all five Alpine women's races as she beat Major Tessa Pirie (second) and Lieutenant Lilias Hopkinson (third).

The men's event was won by the Navy's Lieutenant James French.

Army racer Lieutenant Joshua Serdet enjoyed a second medal of the week with a bronze while Flying Officer Dan Barton joined the podium for the first time in 2023 to win a silver medal.

Men's Snowboard Slopestyle:

  1. Able Seaman Simon Andrews (Royal Navy)
  2. Private Ned Hussey (British Army)
  3. Lieutenant Ryan Clamp (Royal Navy)

Women's Snowboard Slopestyle:

  1. Staff Sergeant Lisa Gibson (British Army)
  2. Petty Officer Aaby Aldridge (Royal Navy)
  3. Corporal Jasmine Furber (Royal Air Force)

Men's Alpine Super Combined podium:

  1. Lieutenant James French (Royal Navy)
  2. Flying Officer Dan Barton (Royal Air Force)
  3. Lieutenant Joshua Serdet (British Army)

Women's Alpine Super Combined podium:

  1. Flying Officer Kirsty Guest (Royal Air Force)
  2. Major Tessa Pirie (British Army)
  3. Lieutenant Lilias Hopkinson (Royal Navy)

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