Royal Navy Alpine Skier Making 'Dream Come True' Return From Injury

Sub Lieutenant Sian Lewis-Sammons is returning to the slopes, two years after being injured.

"I ended up with full ACL rupture, MCL, PCL, cracked cartilage - I cracked my tibia and fibula, and an avulsion fracture on my femur.

"I was out for a fair amount of time with rehab."

Two years ago, Royal Navy alpine skier Sub Lieutenant Sian Lewis-Sammons was injured after slipping on ice.

Despite suffering the setback of injury, Sub Lt Lewis-Sammons was not prepared to let go of her beloved skiing - an art she has practised from a young age.

Now, she is getting back on the slopes at Meribel, winning a bronze medal on day three of the Inter Services Snow Sports Championships in the Alpine Super-G event.

However, she says coming back from such an incident has had its difficulties.

"For me, my mental block surprisingly hasn't actually been the skiing, it's been the starting and getting through the starting gate," Sub Lt Lewis-Sammons explained.

"I completely forget about the course, I don't really know what's going through my head... I've just got to get in that start gate.

"Sometimes I get in it, and I have to move back, and get out and get in again, but eventually I go."

Sub Lieutenant Sian Lewis-Sammons on Alpine Ski Slalom 030220 CREDIT BFBS .jpg
Sub Lt Lewis-Sammons during one of her Alpine Ski Slalom runs.

On Tuesday morning, at the Inter Services Snow Sports Championships, it was time for Sub Lieutenant's event - the Alpine Ski Slalom final.

The conditions were not kind to the competitors. 

A weekend of heavy rain, followed by constant snowfall on Tuesday, meant visibility was low and the snow was not ideal. 

Sub Lt Lewis-Sammons completed her two runs confidently, finishing with a combined time of 2:34.84.

It was not enough to earn her a place on the podium but this race was more than just about winning. 

"It's still not a nice course... not my best but slalom isn't my best discipline," she said after finishing her run.

Sub Lt Lewis-Sammons ISSSC 030220 CREDIT BFBS
All smiles after finishing her final run.

Speaking about her return, Sub Lt Lewis-Sammons was in a reflective mood: "I would never have had this opportunity had I still been a civilian. 

"For me, it's a dream come true essentially to be able to race." 

However, her Inter Services Snow Sports Championships is not yet over.

She still has three more races to go - the Alpine Ski Downhill, Alpine Ski Super G and the Alpine Ski Giant Slalom.

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