Meribel 2020: RAF And Army Success In Alpine Ski Slalom Finals

The Royal Navy only got on the podium once in the Inter Services Snow Sports Championships event, coming third in the men's final.

The British Army and Royal Air Force have dominated the Alpine Ski Slalom finals in the Inter Services Snow Sports Championships.

Heavy snowfall made the run tricky on the second day in Meribel, with the RAF and the Army both picking up their first gold medals. 

RAF debutant Leading Aircraftwoman Phillipa Baxter won the women's event, while the Army's Sapper Duncan Kuwall picked up the gold medal in the men's.

"It's amazing, I haven't skied in so long so it's really exciting to start off this way," said LAC Baxter.

"My dad used to race in the Army, back when he was a lot younger, so he got me into skiing as soon as he could.

"I did a bit of racing when I was at school then stopped to get on with my own career, then decided I wanted to join the Royal Air Force and I really wanted to get into the ski team."

Snowy weather conditions during Alpine Ski Downhill Finals in ISSSC 2020 030220 CREDIT BFBS
Heavy snowfall made visibility difficult during the finals.

Sapper Kuwall said: "I'm pleased with the result, of course there's always a tough competition coming here.

"It's the best of the best from all the forces and it's always good to come away with a win."

The RAF also finished second in the women's, as did the Army in the men's. 

The Royal Navy only got on the podium once, coming third in the men's final. 

Conditions have been the biggest talking point of the championships so far.

Meribel snow
The view from the bottom of the stade where the event took place.

Downpours on Sunday meant the opening ceremony had to be held inside, while the first event was also postponed.

But on Tuesday it was heavy snowfall and bad visibility that caused difficulties for those competing in the Alpine Ski Slalom finals.

"It was definitely different to normal slalom racing," said Sapper Kuwall. 

"It was challenging and I'd definitely say that everyone put in  hard work to get down that. It took a lot of grit and determination to get down in one piece."

On Monday, the Royal Navy won both the men's and women's Telemark Giant Slalom finals.

Twelve events are taking place during the tournament, which ends on Friday.