The New Tech That'll Bring You All The Action From Meribel 2018

Forces Network is out in Meribel bringing you all the action from the Inter-Services Snow Sports Championships with the latest technology...

Events are now underway in Meribel at the Inter-Services Snow Sports Championships.

The Army, Royal Navy and RAF are on the slopes taking part in a range of disciplines - and our Forces Network team has been joining them to check out the conditions out on the slopes.

The Alps have had a huge amount of snow over the past few months, with avalanche warnings put at the maximum level of five last month.

Meribel 2018

The organisers at Meribel have been telling us that this is the best snow they have had in years, though.

It is packed, dense and only icy in a couple of sections.

All of which is great news for the Forces Network team out there bringing you all the action from Meribel with the latest technology.

With bits of kit ranging from 360° cameras, to allow you to see what the competitors are seeing, to stabilised gimbals that let you get right up close to all the action, we want to put you right there on the Alps with the finest forces winter sports athletes.

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