Meribel: RAF Alpine skier continues 100% winning record at her first Inter Services

WATCH: Flying Officer Kirsty Guest's winning run in the women's Alpine Downhill event.

RAF Alpine star Flying Officer Kirsty Guest has made it four wins from four races in her debut Inter Services at Meribel.

The incredible performances continued into the Alpine Downhill race where she pipped Army duo Major Tessa Pirie and Corporal Maddy Critchley to the gold.

That result follows wins in the Alpine Giant Slalom, Alpine Super Giant Slalom and the Alpine Ski Slalom races for Fg Off Guest.

In the men's race, the Navy's Graeme Price picked up another gold medal after winning the Alpine Super Giant Slalom and Alpine Giant Slalom events.

Lieutenant James French, who won yesterday's men's Telemark Classic race, came in second, with Flight Lieutenant Ross Lucie-Smith from the RAF taking to a podium for the first time this week to win a bronze medal.

Meanwhile, in the women's Telemark Sprint, it was nearly a photo finish as Squadron Leader Clare Thomas picked up the gold medal.

The Navy's Medical Assistant Tezney Murphy pushed the Air Force star all the way but had to settle for a silver medal.

The men's race was more one-sided after Army racer Captain Stefan Hurst fell earlier in the race.

That led to Lt French winning comfortably for the Navy.

Women's Alpine Downhill podium:

  1. Flying Officer Kirsty Guest (Royal Air Force)
  2. Major Tessa Pirie (British Army)
  3. Corporal Maddy Critchley (British Army)

Men's Alpine Downhill podium:

  1. Able Seaman Graeme Price (Royal Navy) 
  2. Lieutenant James French (Royal Navy)
  3. Flight Lieutenant Ross Lucie-Smith (Royal Air Force)

Women's Telemark Sprint podium:

  1. Squadron Leader Clare Thomas (Royal Air Force)
  2. Medical Assistant Tezney Murphy (Royal Navy)
  3. Flight Lieutenant Sarah Shave (Royal Air Force)

Men's Telemark Sprint podium:

  1. Lieutenant James French (Royal Navy)
  2. Captain Stefan Hurst (British Army)
  3. Lieutenant Colonel Dafydd Howells (British Army)
Watch: The run that won Able Seaman Graeme Price the Alpine Downhill gold medal.

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