Meribel 2023 kicks off with stunning opening ceremony

WATCH: The incredible torchlight ceremony that kicked off Meribel 2023.

The 2023 Inter Services snow sports championships at Meribel is officially underway after the opening ceremony on the slopes.

Competitors from all disciplines marched on to the slopes in the French Alps as part of their respective service teams.

This was followed by a stunning torchlight ceremony which is a tradition of the week in Meribel.

Speeches from Major General Jez Bennett, the Director of the Inter Services snow sports championships and The Chief of the General Staff General Sir Patrick Sanders who is also President of the Armed Forces Winter Sports Association also took place.

Forces News caught up with a Royal Navy competitor to figure out why this event at Meribel is so popular for winter sports athletes.

"Meribel's a good resort," said Petty Officer Curtis Gayle.

"It's a massive terrain. They've got good features and an amazing stadium here."

PO Gayle also discussed his favourite events saying: "Slalom is pretty good.

"Boarder cross? Amazing. It's just a good place to be."

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