Meribel 2020: Wins For Army And RAF In Alpine Ski Super-G Finals

The Army won the men's event, while the Royal Air Force won the women's.

There were wins for the Army and the Royal Air Force on the first event of day three at the Inter Services Snow Sports Championships.

In an exceptionally tight men's Alpine Ski Super G final, it was the Army's Sapper Euan Kick who came out on top.

The Royal Navy's Lieutenant James French came second, while there was also a spot on the podium for Sapper Duncan Kuwall. 

"It was a little messy in places but I think everyone was so it was good to come away as least messy as I could be," Sapper Kick said.

"I thought I'd run 1:05, so I run a little slower than what I thought."

Meanwhile, in the women's the RAF dominated.

Skiers from the RAF celebrate in a huddle 050320 CREDIT CROWN COPYRIGHT.
The RAF team huddle after the Alpine Ski Super G final (Picture: Crown Copyright).

The Air Force's Corporal Rachel Hughes finished first and Flying Officer Hannah Witchalls came second. 

Royal Navy skier Sub Lieutenant Sian Lewis-Sammons, who is making her comeback at the 2020 tournament after a long-term injury, finished third.

"Amazing, so happy, relieved to be down to be honest," said Corporal Hughes.

"We had a really great track, it was a lot turn-ier than the kind we're used to - pretty tough.

"It's skiing, it never goes as you expect but I think we've just learned, especially with the conditions this week, it's just a case of digging in and just fighting to the finish, which is what we all did and it's clearly worked out for us." 

Meribel in the sunshine during Inter Services Snow Sports Championships
There have been clear blue skies and sunshine in Meribel after days of bad weather.

Twenty-four hours of heavy snowfall meant there were favourable conditions for the skiers following days of bad weather. 

Rain earlier on in the week caused the first event of the championship to be postponed but the weather forecast is now looking positive.

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Cover Image: Snowballs are thrown at the medalists of the women's Alpine Ski Super G final (Picture: Crown Copyright).