Alpine Ski Giant Slalom Final women's podium

Meribel 2020: RAF And Army Win Alpine Ski Giant Slalom Finals

The RAF's Corporal Rachel Hughes and the Army's Sapper Duncan Kuwall both picked up their second gold medals of the week in the event.

Alpine Ski Giant Slalom Final women's podium

There were wins for the Army and the Royal Air Force in the final alpine ski event of the Inter Services Snow Sports Championships.

It was an all-RAF podium in the women's Alpine Ski Giant Slalom final, with Corporal Rachel Hughes winning her second event of the week.

The podium was more packed than normal with bronze-medalist Flight Lieutenant Claire Nixon's dog also making an appearance.

"Having an all blue podium as well at the end, it's just the perfect way to end champs," said Corporal Hughes.

"I don't think I could be any happier with how I skied that second run.

"It was a case of having to get down because we knew we were in a great team position but I could not have skied that any better.

"Every one of those turns were for the girls who skied amazing this week, it just makes a perfect ending." 

Meanwhile in the men's, the Army's Sapper Duncan Kuwall won his second gold medal of the week after winning the Alpine Ski Slalom on day two.

He said: "It's good to get the win as always...put a lot of effort in the season, all the training so it's good to get rewarded with some wins.

"Two [wins] is quite good, obviously, everyone wants to win them all."

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