Meribel Forces News team 2018

Meribel 2018: Meet The Forces Network Team

Find out a little bit more about the Forces Network faces you will be seeing this week...

Meribel Forces News team 2018

It is an all-new line-up for Meribel this year from the Forces Network.

Alex Griffiths was part of the team last year and is a keen skier. He is currently the Digital News Editor at Forces.Net and will ensure that the championships are plastered across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. He is also charged with making sure everything runs smoothly.

Lewis Bartley is the one with the big camera, the big beard and the snowboard. A Meribel veteran who has been a cameraman at SSVC for a while, he has covered everything from the Invictus Games to the Iraq War.

Lewis Grand Turk
Lewis with RFA Mounts Bay on the Caribbean island of Grand Turk last year

Claire Sadler will be the face of Forces News' Meribel television coverage. She can be seen regularly on Forces TV reporting on a whole host of stories from across the forces world. Now let's see how she gets on reporting whilst sliding down the side of a mountain on skis!

Simon Thornton only joined the news team a few months ago and has been given the privilege of coming to cover the biggest show on snow.

He will be out trying to get to the true heart of the championships and find some quirky stories along the way.

We will all hopefully have Forces Network bobble hats on, so don't be shy and come say hi!

Forces Network will have coverage of all the action from Meribel throughout this week.

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