Meribel 2018: The Championship Begins

Military skiers and snowboarders have descended on Meribel for the Interservices Snowsports Championships...

The 2018 Inter-Services Snow Sports Championships are officially underway after their opening ceremony took place on Sunday evening.

It is the 12th year in a row the tournament, now in its 67th edition, is being held in Meribel, France.

The resort's British links go way back to the 1930s, and its foundation by Colonel Peter Lindsay.

Around 40% of the visitors here are from the UK leading to the nickname 'Little England upon the Alps'.

Director of Championships, Brigadier Jonathan Calder-Smith, told Forces Network:

"This goes for all sport and adventurous training across the three services - it's really important to be able to put people in a position where they're challenged and where they have to demonstrate courage."

"Some people might think the connection between what we're doing here and what we do in our normal day jobs is remote - well it's not"

Lt Lucy Ingram, Royal Navy Snowboard Team Captain, said:

"Military sport isn't always about the outcome."

"It's about bringing people together, maximising potential, and just getting that real sense of belonging."

However, this is quickly followed by a tongue-in-cheek message to the other services:

"We're gonna send it - the Navy are dropping in tomorrow!"

Forces News will have coverage of all the action from Meribel throughout this week.