How do you fuel the RAF's top Telemark athletes at Meribel?

Racing down the French Alps is exciting stuff but it must use up energy for the military competitors at Meribel.

So how do you keep them ready to go for their next event?

Claire Sadler spoke to the RAF's team chef, Air Specialist Class 1 Martin Triner, who explained all the vital ingredients needed to stay energised.

"We're in France so really, we should have some French food," said AS1 Triner.

"I tried to get the French cheese and sausage. I treated the people to some nice rabbit livers the other day, which was interesting.

"Some people liked it. Some people didn't but it's something you can't get in the UK.

"Being abroad is supposed to be an adventure isn't it?" he said.

In Meribel, the RAF chef has €17 a day to work with but said any chef who couldn't manage with that budget "'sn't a very good chef".

He revealed that some of the meals so far have included lasagne, bolognese, and a pork stroganoff.

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