All Tuesday Meribel events cancelled due to heavy snow

WATCH: The snow falls in the French Alps causing cancellations on day 3 of the action.

All events at Meribel on Tuesday have been cancelled after heavy snow left the courses in a condition in which they can't be raced on.

Only one race was supposed to happen, but it was a big one – the Alpine Super Combined Slalom.

However, with the snow starting in the early hours and set to continue throughout the day, organisers have made the decision to call the event off as well as any planned training for competitors.

"It is a complete white-out," said BFBS sports reporter Cath Brazier.

"Racing has been cancelled for today across all three disciplines, even training.

"We're going to have a lot of snow. What that means is there's fresh snow on a very thin ice base and underneath is that sludge that has been created by a lot of rain."

It has yet to be confirmed when today's planned event will be reinserted into the week's schedule.

WATCH: Meribel Technical Director explains decision to call off events

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