WATCH: What It's Like To Snowboard Under The Lights At Meribel

Do you know your 'regular' from your 'goofy' stance?

The forces' top snowboarders have been racing under the floodlights in Meribel, with a close final edged by the RAF's Paddy Morris.

He beat the Army's top seed, Sergeant Kris Looker, who told Forces Network: "I didn't see the board, but there wasn't much in it!"

"They're very competitive at the top, but I always say good luck to the person I'm racing against.

"And then, at the end, you always shake hands and say 'well done'."

There are two stances generally used in snowboarding: 'regular' and 'goofy'.

Regular, the more common position, involves riding with the left foot forward, while goofy uses the right foot at the front.

Meribel close finish

Riders will generally use their more dominant foot at the back of the board.

The stance that a snowboarder chooses will impact on which parts of a course they find more difficult.

Sgt Looker says his technique is to look two gates ahead and to keep the board as straight as possible to hit the quickest speeds. He said:

"Crashes can be brutal."

"I think people are just pushing it hard, they want to do well and do well for the team.

"Everybody's going for it."

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