The Alpine downhill is all about courage, speed, risk and technique. But accidents do happen.

Laura Martin was having a good run, until she suffered a serious crash.

The medical team rushed to assess her, and due to the severity of her head injury and the amount of time she had been unconscious, the medical evacuation helicopter was called in from Courchevel.

This is the first time in more than 10 years that an athlete has had to be airlifted to hospital at this Championships.

Meribel 2018 CRASH

We spoke to Nicky Cullen, the Director of Media at ISSSC, about the crash:

"This was all a bit new to us - a bit frightening in a way, but she was dealt with efficiently at the site."

"The doctor arrived very quickly, and the helicopter was organised straight away, and after being stabilised she was flown to one of the specialist hospitals in the area."

A crash like this is an unusual sight at this competition, but not in Meribel in general.

It took about 45 minutes from the crash to Laura being flown away for specialist care.

"Laura was released from hospital yesterday, and she's being looked after by her Navy team-mates. She's a lot better than she was yesterday, which is good news."

Meribel 2018 CRASH