Men’s Inter Services Cycling Championships Called Off After Collision

The women's competition passed without incident with the Army’s Charmaine Porter comfortably taking first place.

The 56-mile race was called off after a collision with between cyclists and motorcyclists. 

The men's Inter-Services Cycling Championship in Shropshire was called off following high winds, treacherous wet roads and a collision.

The Army’s Charmaine Porter emerged victorious in the women’s race but after a support motorcycle collided with several competitors in the men’s championships, race organisers called it a day.

No cyclist was injured but it was considered safest to send competitors home.

Men’s Inter Services Cycling Championships 2018
Ultimately, the tricky conditions meant it was unsafe to continue the race.

Speaking to Forces News, Scottish National champion Mark Robertson backed the decision:

“Normally the frustration is underperforming or not quite winning.

"I suppose in this case it’s so rare for a race to get cancelled after it started.

"You all just want to race and you don’t really appreciate that someone’s got to take the risk at the end of the day…Ultimately it could have been a lot worse."

By contrast the 36-mile-long women’s championship finished without incident.

Eighteen cyclists slugged made it to the finish line - 10 from the Army, seven from the RAF and one Navy representative, Petty officer Rachel Hackaman.

Lance Corporal Charmaine Porter
Lance Corporal Charmaine Porter mere seconds away from the finish line but minutes ahead of her 17 competitors.

Comfortably four minutes ahead of her nearest rival, Lance Corporal Charmaine Porter powered over the finish line to applause and cheers.

“The winds were the main factor to be honest. They were really, really gusty and you had about… a mile of just pure headwind. It was really difficult – a tough race!”