Invictus UK Trials: Athletics Shines In The Sheffield Sun

The opening day of sporting events kicked off with athletics.

The first Invictus Trials sporting event has taken place in Sheffield.

Athletics stepped up to open up the competitions, with track and field taking centre stage.

In both the 100 and 200-metre races, Allan Mc Sween took gold medals in an impressive display.

He was pleased the hard work of training paid off.

He said: "I just had to trust my ability and the training that I have done. I had no idea about the guys I was facing. I just had to focus on my lane and execute the way I have been doing in training.

"The success we had in Florida really helped me today. I’m delighted with that."

Also involved were two athletes trying out a new sport.

Ricky McGaffin has competed at previous Invictus Trials and is showing his strength with being part of the 2019 event.

Ricky McGaffin tried his hand at the Discus events.

"I think the reason that I wanted to get involved was to prove to people that I could still do things no matter how bad things can get.

"There’s always something that you can do. I’m not doing sports that I didn’t even know was possible.

"For me, it is a win-win situation no matter what the scoreboard says."

Another first-timer at his sport is Andrew McEvoy. He is using the Trials to recover from his injuries.

He said: "I’d stopped doing a lot of stuff and it was purely due to the pain restrictions.

"Becoming a part of this just helps build. I’ve done more physical activity for this in the past six months than I have before.

"It has just opened it all up again which is brilliant."