Invictus Games

Your Guide To The Sports At The 2017 Toronto Invictus Games

Here's your ultimate guide to the games...

The Invictus Games are here with 17 nations competing in 12 sports.

The incredible event brings together service personnel all with different stories to tell.

The Invictus Games 2017 sees sports spread across the entire city, with unique quirks to each event.

Here's your ultimate guide to the games with a round up of the all the sports on at this year's Games: 



This historic sport with a clear military background is a test of accuracy, strength and concentration.

The sport is fully integrated, meaning it is played among able-bodied competitors as well as competitors with varying physical disabilities, such as a spinal cord injury or amputation.

Competitors shoot from a standing or sitting position and some of those with arm/upper body impairments use their mouths to shoot the arrow.



With its roots in prehistoric sport, athletics has quite the legacy appearing as the only sport in the first Olympic games.

The sports which have transitioned to the Invictus Games are the track events are 100m, 200m, 400m, 1500m and 4x100m team relay and the field events of shot put and discus.

Those taking part compete in Wheelchairs, with prostheses, or under the guidance of a sighted person known as a guide.

Athletes compete in each event against others with similar levels of ability, according to their functional classification.



Bicycles were introduced in the 19th century making cycling a relatively modern sport.

Various different bicycles are used during The Invictus Games including tandems, recumbents (lying down bikes), and handcycles.

In the criterium cyclists complete several laps of a designed circuit course over a set time period.

In the Time Trial event, athletes start individually at set intervals.

The UK Invictus Team excelled in cycling at during the London 2014 and Orlando 2016 Games.



Golf is a British sport dating back to the 15th century Scotland.

This is the first time the sport is on the Invictus programme.

The equipment used during the sport is modified for competitors with physical or cognitive disabilities.

A number of players competing in the sport have one arm so strike the ball one handed without any assistance.


Indoor Rowing

Its more traditional outdoor counterpart has a clear historic military connection.

Indoor rowing takes place on an indoor machine simulator mimicking the actions of watercraft rowing and has become established as a sport in its own right.

The sport focuses on speed, power, endurance and synchronization.

The winner is whoever covers the furthest distance in one and four minute events.



Keeping in peak physical condition is vital for any member of the armed forces.

This makes powerlifting the perfect sport for the Games as it's the ultimate test of upper body strength.

Different weight classes are Lightweight and Heavyweight for both men and women

In the sport, the competitors get three tries to bench press a bar until their arms are straight.


Sitting Volleyball

Sitting volleyball has deep roots in parasport as it was shown as a demonstration sport for athletes with amputations at the 1976 Paralympics Games in Toronto.

During the game teams have three passes, to form an attacking play, before the ball has to go over the net.

All competitors must make contact with the volleyball while sitting on the floor with one buttock on the ground.



Swimming is one of the longest-standing sports for competitors with disabilities.

Both an individual and team sport, athletes compete in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.

At the Invictus Games, there are four categories of swimmers depending on their disability with events in freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.


Wheelchair basketball

Wheelchair basketball was one of the eight Paralympic sports played at the first Paralympic Games in Rome in 1960.

Competitors must throw or bounce the ball after every two pushes of the wheels on the chair, otherwise they will be penalized for travelling.

The size of the court and the height of the net is the same as in able-bodied basketball.


Wheelchair rugby

The able-bodied version of the sport originated in the British public school of the same name is often said to be a hooligans game played by gentlemen. 

Well if the original sport has earned that reputation it says a lot about the wheelchair version of the sport which has itself the nickname “murderball”.

In the game, the competitors carry, dribble, or pass the ball toward the opponent’s end.

Contact between wheelchairs is allowed and players frequently collide making this one of the most highly sought-after tickets in Toronto.


Wheelchair tennis

Tennis is another modern British sport to appear at The Invictus Games.

At the competition, wheelchair tennis is played in doubles format.

Players may allow the ball to bounce twice on their side of the net before returning it to their opponents’ side.

Team UK won the gold at Orlando 2016 when the sport was first introduced.


Jaguar Land Rover Driving Challenge

Courses are designed for nations to work as a team while taking the vehicles through precision gates.

Two participants from each nation compete together. The teams are timed but accurate driving will produce better results than speed alone.

In this year's Games Army Sergeant Gareth Paterson and former RAF Sergeant Olaf Jones came second to the Netherlands at the motorsport event.


Para Ice Hockey

As an extra special Canadian gift to the games this year there will be a fast-paced demonstration of this unique sport.

Para Ice Hockey is a highly physical sport played by male and female competitors with a physical impairment in the lower part of their body.

It follows the same rules as ice hockey with some modifications.

Instead of skates, players use double-blade sledges that allow the puck to pass beneath.

Players use two sticks, which have a spike-end for pushing and a blade-end for shooting.

This exciting and dynamic sport is certainly not one to be missed.

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