Invictus Games

Winter Hybrid Option 'Breathes Fresh Oxygen Into Invictus Model', Says Foundation Chief

The Invictus Games 2025 will be held in either USA or Canada, with the potential for a Winter Hybrid Games.

A winter bybrid option for the Invictus Games 2025 would breathe "fresh oxygen into the Invictus model", according to the Chief Executive of the Invictus Games Foundation.

Dominic Reid spoke to Forces News after it was announced that the 2025 version of the games will be held in North America.

Seattle, New York or a Winter Hybrid option in Canada are the three shortlisted bids being considered as hosts.

The latter would be the first time that winter sports have been included at an Invictus Games, but what would that look like?

Reid explained: "We keep some of the elements of the conventional summer Invictus Games so particularly some of the team sports are retained.

"We add to that some winter sports to broaden it out.

"This is a model that we're constructing collaboratively and we're going to test really hard to see if it's viable."

Mr Reid has no doubt it can be viable as a sporting event and says: "If it's viable commercially, then I think it is very attractive because I think it breathes fresh oxygen into the Invictus model.

"It gives people something exciting to do and, interestingly, the participating nations have all shown great enthusiasm for that as an idea."

The Invictus Games 2025 will be held in either Seattle, New York or Canada.

The Invictus Games has been held in Canada before when Toronto hosted the event in 2017.

Reid revealed that the idea of winter sports being involved has been discussed before, but he explained why it has yet to happen.

He said: "There was a long period where we thought about do we do a winter games and a summer games in the way of the Olympic model.

"That's problematic in terms of the viability for us because can we really work it?

"Do we want a games every year? Do we want two games every two years?

"That's a lot to do and a lot to fund," he added.

The announcement of the 2025 host will be made early next year but Reid has praised the quality of all the bids that were made.

"We were extremely lucky. We've been in contact and close working communications with 10 cities.

"We long-listed six so these are all viable bids, bids that could have hosted an Invictus Games.

"I think, for an organisation like us, a relatively young organisation, to be able to have that degree of strength – I think it's extraordinary."