Invictus Games

What's it like to drive Prince Harry around the Invictus Games track?

Victoria Ross was given the nod to be Prince Harry's driver in the challenge and gave Forces News her reaction.

On the first official day of the Invictus Games The Hague, Prince Harry got involved with the Land Rover Challenge.

He was in the navigator role with the aim to direct the car over the challenging inclines on the course.

His driver for the day was Team UK competitor Victoria Ross who says the patron of the Invictus Games did a good job.

"He was great - he was so perfect," she said.

"What a guy. He was really good at navigating and really good at putting me at ease.

"He was like 'there's no pressure' and I was like 'there's no pressure on you. I've got to keep you alive!"

Prince Harry was supported on the sidelines by many fans but most notably, his wife Meghan who had Victoria's daughter keeping her company during the drive.

"She was really lovely," said Ellie Gurung, Victoria's daughter.

"It all went as planned and smoothly. 

"I got the impression of the opposite [of Meghan taking Prince Harry's role in the car].

"She did not want to be in the car at all. She got offered by Harry but she was like 'no' and I don't blame her. I saw that and I was petrified."

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