Invictus Games

Team UK win silver and bronze in men's IT8 1500 metres race at Invictus Games

Dan Phillips came in second while Mark Clougherty took third.

Team UK have secured two podium places in the men's IT8 1500 metres race at the Invictus Games The Hague.

Dan Phillips came in second to win a silver medal while Mark Clougherty took third for the bronze.

Neither man could stop American Joshua Smith from taking home the gold medal.

"Dan tucked in behind me and we trailed the American for the best part of 1400m," said Clougherty speaking to Forces News reporter Cath Brazier.

"Dan lassoed past me and nearly caught him so we nearly got gold and bronze. It was a great race."

Clougherty also spoke about his time with the Invictus programme calling it 'massive' for his mental health.

He said: "I played football in the Army at corps level and Army level. I played semi-professional outside of the Army which is how I ended up in a wheelchair.

"To come back into that environment for me has been absolutely massive."

Since this interview, Clougherty and Phillips have competed in the IT8 200m race with Clougherty winning a gold medal and Phillips taking the bronze.

They've also raced in the IT8 100m event with Clougherty winning gold again but Phillips coming in second to take a silver medal.

Cover image: The two Team UK racers hug after the event. (Credit: Help for Heroes)