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Revealed: Team UK taking on this year's Invictus Games

Watch: The contestants that will represent the UK in the Invictus Games

Düsseldorf will play host to the 2023 Invictus Games.

The international multi-sport event uses the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and generate a wider understanding and respect for wounded, injured and sick servicemen and women.

Team UK for this year's games was revealed at the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich.

The participants, all wounded, injured and sick serving personnel and veterans, will compete at the games in Düsseldorf in September.

They are being supported by the Royal British Legion (RBL), in partnership with the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

In a tweet, the RBL said: "We're SO excited to reveal Team UK for @InvictusGamesDE. We'll be supporting 59 participants throughout their training & during the games in September, in partnership with MOD.

"Drop some words of encouragement to help cheer them on."

The Invictus Games was launched in 2014 by the Duke of Sussex after he took inspiration from the 2013 Warrior Games.

The adaptive event is aimed at wounded, injured or sick Armed Forces personnel and veterans, and it takes its name from the Latin word 'Invictus'meaning unconquered or undefeated.

Since 2016, the RBL has been involved in Team UK, when it started supporting the friends and families of participants on their journey to the games.

This is the first year the charity is taking responsibility for delivering the whole team, participants included, to the games, alongside its partner, the MOD.

At the announcement event, Minister for Defence People and Veterans Dr Andrew Murrison spoke to Team UK participants to find out more about their personal recovery stories.

He said: "The Invictus Games is an inspiring example of how the resilience and discipline gained during a military career can be applied to the sporting arena.

"Being a part of Team UK is a rewarding opportunity for both our service personnel and veterans who have all given so much to the Armed Forces community in keeping the nation safe."

Minister for Defence People and Veterans, Dr Andrew Murrison, spoke to Team UK Invictus Games 17032023 CREDIT MOD Crown Copyright
Minister for Defence People and Veterans Dr Andrew Murrison with Team UK captain Lieutenant Commander James Rogers on the far right (Picture: MOD).

For Invictus 2023, 59 Team UK members have been selected from wounded, injured and sick, serving and ex-service personnel.

Team captain Lieutenant Commander James Rogers is returning for his second Invictus Games after competing in cycling and swimming events at The Hague in 2022.

'Absolute honour and privilege'

Lt Cdr Rogers is a serving member of the Royal Navy and lives with ankylosing spondylitis, a long-term autoimmune inflammatory arthritis condition, which affects his mobility, causing full-body pain and chronic fatigue.

He returns to the games hoping to build on his experience of 2022 and to continue to be an inspiration to his family.

Lt Cdr Rogers told RBL: "A few years ago, I couldn't go to the park with my kids, so I want to show them what I'm able to achieve now.

"Representing my country, and the Armed Forces, and to top it all off, being selected as team captain, is an absolute honour and privilege."

Team UK in full:

  • Emmanuel Akor, 41, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Sitting Volleyball, Table Tennis, Wheelchair Basketball
  • Julian (Jules) Allen, 52, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Powerlifting, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby
  • Chris Anslow, 50, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Indoor Rowing, Swimming, Sitting Volleyball
  • David Argyle, 50,(RAF Veteran) Sports: Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby
  • Adam Backhouse, 44, (Army) Sports: Cycling
  • Jonny Ball, 43, (Army Reserves) Sports: Cycling, Indoor Rowing, Powerlifting
  • Anthony Booth, 51, (RAF Veteran) Sports: Archery, Sitting Volleyball, Wheelchair Basketball
  • Katrina Brown, 40, (Army Veteran) Sports: Cycling, Indoor Rowing, Table Tennis
  • Leo Buscombe, 34, (Navy) Sports: Table Tennis
  • Gary Callier, 40, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby
  • Paul Case, 44, (RAF Veteran) Sports: Archery, Indoor Rowing
  • Paul (Charlie) Charles, 45, (Royal Marines Veteran) Sports: Swimming
  • Dave Curtis, 36, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Cycling
  • Morgan Dally, 38, (RAF Veteran) Sports: Archery, Sitting Volleyball, Wheelchair Basketball
  • Richard Davies, 35, (RAF Veteran) Sports: Archery, Swimming
  • Stacey Denyer, 36, (RAF) Sports: Indoor Rowing, Powerlifting
  • Al Dyer, 54, (RAF Veteran) Sports: Archery, Cycling, Indoor Rowing, Table Tennis
  • Michael Evans, 44, (RAF) Sports: Archery, Athletics, Table Tennis, Wheelchair Basketball
  • Titilia (Tilly) Fisher, 42, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Powerlifting, Wheelchair Rugby
  • Kenetha (Frankie) Franklyn, 39, (Navy) Sports: Archery, Indoor Rowing, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby
  • Ross Freer, 36, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Wheelchair Basketball
  • Ben Gallagher, 35, (Army Veteran) Sports: Cycling, Indoor Rowing, Powerlifting
  • Clare Gibson, 48, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Sitting Volleyball, Wheelchair Basketball
  • Craig Godsall, 31, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Wheelchair Rugby
  • Robert (Bob) Grantham, 28, (RAF) Sports: Indoor Rowing, Swimming
  • Liam Guatella, 41, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Indoor Rowing
  • James (Jimmy) Harrison, 33, RAF Sports: Cycling, Indoor Rowing
  • Jenny Hartley, 41, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Powerlifting
  • Paul (Midge) Hartley, 54, (RAF Veteran) Sports: Wheelchair Rugby, Wheelchair Basketball
  • Charlie Holford, 32, (Army Veteran) Sports: Indoor Rowing, Sitting Volleyball, Wheelchair Rugby
  • Stephen Hooper, 39, (RAF Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Powerlifting, Sitting Volleyball
  • Nathan Huddy, 43, (RAF Veteran) Sports: Indoor Rowing, Sitting Volleyball, Swimming, Table Tennis
  • David Jarvis, 40, (Army Veteran) Sports: Cycling, Indoor Rowing, Powerlifting, Swimming
  • Terry Jones, 34, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Indoor Rowing, Swimming
  • Lynsey Kelly, 39, (RAF Veteran) Sports: Archery, Swimming
  • Elisabeth (Liz) Lee, 34, (RAF Veteran) Sports: Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby
  • Claudine Martin, 38, (Army) Sports: Athletics
  • Allan McSween, 40, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics
  • Alexandra McClellan, 41, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Cycling, Indoor Rowing
  • Kelly McVitty, 41, (RAF Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Cycling, Swimming
  • David Moncrief, 40, (RAF) Sports: Archery, Indoor Rowing, Swimming
  • Codey Morton, 28, (Navy) Sports: Archery, Indoor Rowing, Sitting Volleyball
  • Jody Nichols, 38, (RAF Veteran) Sports: Archery, Sitting Volleyball, Table Tennis, Wheelchair Basketball
  • Wali Noori, 34, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Swimming
  • Richard Potter, 38, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Cycling, Indoor Rowing, Table Tennis
  • Martha Prinsloo, 37, (Army Veteran) Sports: Archery, Powerlifting, Swimming
  • Scott Robertson, 36, (Army Veteran) Sports: Archery, Athletics, Indoor Rowing, Table Tennis
  • James Rogers, 37, (Royal Navy) Sports: Cycling, Indoor Rowing, Swimming, Wheelchair Basketball
  • Steve Sampher, 46, (Army Veteran) Sports: Archery, Sitting Volleyball, Table Tennis, Wheelchair Rugby
  • Amanda Sands, 54, (Army Veteran) Sports: Indoor Rowing, Powerlifting, Swimming
  • Jay Saunders, 54, (Navy Veteran) Sports: Archery, Table Tennis
  • Peter Saunders, 28, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics
  • Danielle (Dani) Stevens, 30, (Navy Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Powerlifting, Sitting Volleyball, Swimming
  • Lee Thomas, 54, (RAF Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Powerlifting, Sitting Volleyball, Wheelchair Rugby
  • Matthew Trigg, 38, (Army Veteran) Sports: Archery, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby
  • Rich Waldrom, 47, (Army Veteran) Sports: Cycling, Sitting Volleyball, Wheelchair Basketball
  • Carl Windebank, 22, (Army Veteran) Sports: Indoor Rowing, Sitting Volleyball
  • James Wren, 27, (Navy) Sports: Athletics, Indoor Rowing, Sitting Volleyball, Wheelchair Basketball
  • Rebecca (Becky) York, 38, (Royal Marines Veteran) Sports: Cycling, Indoor Rowing, Powerlifting, Swimming

Team UK Reserves

  • Laura Brimson, 42, (Navy Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Indoor Rowing, Powerlifting
  • Mark Clougherty, 50, (Army Veteran) Sports: Athletics, Cycling, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby
  • Ian Fisher, 46, (Army Veteran) Sports: Archery, Powerlifting, Swimming, Table Tennis
  • Gareth Fuller, (Army Veteran) Sports: Archery, Cycling, Table Tennis, Wheelchair Basketball
  • Nicholas McNally, 52, (Navy) Sports: Archery, Cycling, Indoor Rowing
  • Horace Shuriah, 53, (Army Reserves) Sports: Athletics, Cycling, Indoor Rowing, Swimming

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