Invictus Games

Team UK Invictus Games Captain Sees Funny Side Of '2020' Tattoo

Rachel Williamson marked her appointment as skipper with a tattoo, only for this year's Invictus Games to be postponed until 2021.

Team UK's captain for the postponed 2020 Invictus Games has revealed she got 'The Hague 2020' tattooed on her forearm, in anticipation for the tournament. 

The games, due to start in May, were called off on Thursday over the ongoing coronavirus crisis, and are being rescheduled for next year.

The Team UK skipper has been able to see the funny side, however.

Rachel Williamson was adding to an existing tattoo which she got ahead of the 2018 tournament in Sydney.

Discovering she was being made team captain last year, she added a new part to her tattoo, which reads: "The Hague 2020 c" - the 'c' standing for ‘captain’.

"The running joke is that 'c' should not stand for captain, it should be coronavirus," Ms Williamson, the first female Team UK captain, told Forces News.

"It's a running joke at the moment but you know what, it's the memories.

"For me, this tattoo... it just means the world to me.

"I've always said if I ever made the Olympics in my past I'd get the rings, but for me, this is my Olympics now and I'm so proud I've had this journey."

However, Ms Williamson, who won six medals in 2018, said she is still unsure what to do next with the tattoo.

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"I might keep it the same, just for [a] bit of a reminder or maybe put '+1' on the end... I have no idea," she said.

Invictus Games organisers said they hope to reschedule the tournament for either May or June 2021.

The games, founded by the Duke of Sussex in 2014, sees wounded, injured and sick military personnel and veterans compete across 10 different sports.

The Duke described it as an "incredibly difficult decision" to postpone the event. 

Athletes from 20 nations were set to compete in the fifth instalment of the games in The Hague, the Netherlands, between 9 and 16 May.

Other major sporting events, including Euro 2020, have been cancelled because of the COVID-19 outbreak.